Company Argo Metal

Our company, set up in 2014, recycles and trades in non ferrous scrap metals especially aluminum scrap focusing on environmental requirements.

We are professional and recycling is just a part of our job. Indeed, we trade in order to find the best way to recycle scraps, fulfilling our customer and client needs according to environmental regulations.
Time, transparency and reliability are not just words, but warranty of our seriousness which we show through out our certificates which we obtained as a result of the daily commitment in our job.

Argo Metal is a new company, but our skillful staff has a decennial experience in the scrap metal business. Our commercial relationship, established on strong and during basis, links Argo Metal to the leading companies of national metallurgic business.

Our goal is to reach in a short time a leading position in the scrap world, according to the environmental regulations and in the awareness of the importance of recycle and our job, in the reduction of the environmental impact.

Set in the industrial area of Nuvolera, Argo Metal operates on a surface area of 3000 square meters of which 1400 square meters indoor in a warehouse 12m high used for the storage and the scrap sorting.

All incoming and outgoing kind of scrap is radiometrically tested with a thermo scientific radiation portal installed nearby the weighbridge. Scrap sorting and truck loading are made with Sennebogen material handler 821M